Condys Crystals   (Condies Crystals)

Condys Crystals (Condies Crystals)

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Codies Crystals—a revolutionary grooming product designed to enhance the natural beauty of your horse's dark coat by intensifying its depth and richness. Specifically formulated for dark-coated horses, Condies Crystals work like magic to bring out the stunning, deep tones of black, brown, and other dark hues.

Key Features:

  1. Intensified Color Enhancement: Codies Crystals have been meticulously crafted to intensify the natural coloration of dark horse coats. The unique formula works with the horse's individual pigmentation, enriching the depth and luster of the coat for a truly striking appearance.

  2. Crystal Clarity: The crystals within this innovative product create a crystal-clear effect, allowing the true beauty of your horse's coat to shine through. This crystal clarity adds a brilliant sheen, making your horse stand out with an unmistakable radiance.

  3. Easy Application: Applying Codies Crystals is a breeze. Add 10 grams per litre of water, sponge the solution evenly on your horse, and leave it for 10 minutes. This simple process ensures a precise and thorough application, whether you're grooming before a competition, show, or simply to showcase your horse's beauty.

  4. Long-Lasting Radiance: Codies Crystals are engineered for longevity. Once applied, they adhere securely to the coat, providing a long-lasting enhancement that withstands the rigors of daily activities, grooming, and exposure to the elements.

  5. Versatile Use: Suitable for various dark-coated horses, including those with black, brown, or other deep hues. Whether you have a show horse, pleasure horse, or companion animal, Codies Crystals are the perfect choice to elevate the visual impact of your horse's coat.

  6. Gentle Formulation: Codies Crystals prioritize the health and well-being of your horse. The gentle formulation ensures that the crystals do not compromise the natural integrity of the coat or irritate the skin, allowing for worry-free use.

Usage Instructions: Add 10 grams per litre of water, sponge the solution evenly on your horse, and leave it for 10 minutes. Afterward, rinse thoroughly. Please note that Codies Crystals are not for use on white hair. Ensure all white hair is covered with a barrier cream and wrap to prevent unintended coloration.

Elevate your grooming routine and showcase your horse's dark beauty with the transformative power of Codies Crystals. Let your horse radiate confidence and charisma with a coat that captivates, turning heads wherever you go. Unleash the true brilliance of your horse's dark coat—try Codies Crystals today


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Kendall H
Great product

This is great for that before show shine , and also for those that get abit sun faded